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Beneath the rivers, there are no borders by Jamilah Sabur

Beneath the rivers, there are no borders is a performance by Jamilah Sabur with music by The International Contemporary Ensemble. Divided into sequences, Sabur takes a formalist approach structuring her choreography based on the geographic spaces of the mouths of rivers in between terrestrial and marine environments. The St. Johns River in Florida is crying and calling on the São Francisco River in Brazil. With gestures occurring above the river and below, Sabur considers what it is to morph into sub-sonar soundwaves, used by sub-sonar profilers to detect reflections of waves off sediments and items on and below the seafloor. Collaborators include dancers: Roxana Barba and Grace Bishop; poet: Terri Witek; The International Contemporary Ensemble; and set designer Freddy Jouwayed