Pisadas y Manzanillas (2019) Dance Film, 5m 52s

Director: Roxana Barba

Choreographers: Aneli Perdomo Prieto, Roxana Barba

Cinematographer: Claudio Marcotulli

Music: Carlos Dominguez

Editors: Claudio Marcotulli, Roxana Barba

Filmed in the streets of El Vedado, Havana-Cuba, Pisadas y Manzanillas (Footsteps and Chamomile) is an intimate embodiment of a young woman's relationship to place. A corner conversation and an afternoon walk bring about feelings of weightlessness, deep connection, and desire with intensifying familiarity.

Festival Selections:

  • Cuban American International Film Festival 2019 - Miami

  • Women in Dance Conference 2019 - Philadelphia

  • Agite y Sirva Festival Itinerante de Videodanza 2019-2020 / Screendance Touring Festival

  • 305 & Havana International Improvisation Festival, 2019 - La Havana, Cuba

  • Indie PasiĆ³n Ibero-American Film Festival, 2019 - Miami Film Machine Short Films Program

  • ScreenDance Miami 2019 (Perez Art Museum Miami)

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